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Are you familiar with a data repository that isn't included in Databib? Please consider submitting a new record. You can suggest a repository for us to catalog by simply entering its title, URL, authority, and a subject for it... and we'll do the rest!

If you're not sure what to information to enter, please consult our Guidelines for Bibliographers. Submissions are reviewed and approved before appearing in Databib.

Name of the repository, e.g., "Australian Repositories for Diffraction ImageS, The (TARDIS)"
Link to the repository, e.g., ""
The organization(s) that maintain the repository, e.g., "Monash University"
Authorities Selected:

Library of Congress Subject Headings that describe data collections, e.g., "Crystallography"
Subjects Selected:

A brief, narrative abstract that summarizes the purpose, collections, and audiences of the repository
Who can access the repository? E.g., "Open"
The year the repository began operating, e.g., "2010"
The primary country where the repository authority resides
What can users do with data they've downloaded from the repository? E.g., "Open; Creative Commons suite of licenses; default is CC0."
Who can deposit data? E.g., "Purdue faculty, staff, graduate students and their collaborators"
Generally, what kind of repository is it? E.g, "Institutional"

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