About Databib

Databib is a tool for helping people identify and locate online repositories of research data. Users and bibliographers create and curate records that describe data repositories that users can search.

Databib attempts to address these needs for the research community, including:

Databib Advisory Board

Databib Editorial Board


Databib was originally sponsored by a Sparks! Innovation National Leadership Grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. Past project personnel included Michael Witt (PI), Mike Giarlo (co-PI), Gretchen Stephens, Siddharth Singh, Rachel Newbury, and Marcy Wilhelm-South, Ryan Houdeck, Heidi Tebbe, Ahmed Abdel-Gawad, and the grant was advised by Ed Summers, Todd Vision, Mary Vardigan, Jenn Riley, and Gail Steinhart. Hosting for Databib is provided by the Purdue University Libraries.

Databib: Cataloging the World's Research Data Repositories